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SUGAL & DAMANI GROUP has been promoted by Mr. N. Sugalchand Jain, Mr. G. N. Damani and Mr. Praveen Chheda who are reputed businessmen and Philanthropist from Chennai with over four decades of leadership in lottery Industry. With their deep understanding of the industry, the promoters of SUGAL & DAMANI are held in high esteem by various State Governments and have engaged in formal and informal advisory roles for nearly four decades.

SUGAL & DAMANI GROUP is well diversified into other business areas like information Technology, E-commerce (Online Services), Real Estate etc.  However, the key focus of the group has always been ‘lotteries’.
 Sugal & Damani targeting rapid growth through global expansion, in it’s core competence field involving lotteries, online gaming technology and commercial services.  The group is supported by a strong team  of  highly qualified  executives in the field of technology.

Sugal & Damani will pursue the highest standard of excellence in all that we do and firmly believes that  everything can not  be perfect but everything can be excellent.  Sugal & Damani value innovation and remember that, as the world is always evolving, it  too must continuously adapt and look ahead to identify new ideas and solutions.


Leader of lottery industry in India.

Strong financials with group turnover of INR 12000 crore (1.8 billion US$).

Human resources of over 1000 plus personnel developed into a close-knit community.

Management expertise involving a large retail chain of over 100000 retailers.

Working with and assisting various State Governments for generating revenue to their exchequer.

Providing solution for lotteries (4 countries) and Commercial Services / Online Services (6 countries).

Services (6 countries) project overseas.

Philanthropic outlook.
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