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We at Sugal & Damani (SND) have over more than 40 years of experience in operating Government licensed lotteries across India. Backed by mastery of the business at the levels of technology, operations, logistics, finance & statutory control.

Our solutions are today integrated across CDMA, GPRS, VSAT, Dial-up, Leased line & VPN through public internet. With Lotteries as the prime focus, we have also diversified into: Infotech, Online Services, Share Broking, Hospitality, Real Estate, Jewellery & Engineering etc.

Our vision is to offer unique business opportunities delivered by sophisticated systems across the country. Through timeless values like honor, integrity & a pioneering spirit.

Lotteries & Gaming
Information Technology
Wind Energy
Real Estate
Online Services
A reputed and established business house for over four decades.
Widespread presence and thorough understanding of market at grass root level.
Strong Financials with a turnover of over INR 7000 crores (1.43 Billion USD).
Human resource of over 700 personnel developed into a close- knit community.
Management expertise involving a large retail chain of over 30000 terminals.
Working with and assisting various state Govts. Ability to develop strong alliances and partnerships.
Quality conscious: ISO 9001:2000 certified.
Secured CMMI Certification
Philanthropic Outlook.
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