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We at Sugal & Damani (SND) have over more than 40 years of experience in operating Government licensed lotteries across India. Backed by mastery of the business at the levels of: technology, operations, logistics, finance & statutory control.

Our solutions are today integrated across CDMA, GPRS, VSAT, Dial-up, Leased line & VPN through public internet. With Lotteries as the prime focus, we have also diversified into: Infotech, Forex Services, Travel & Tourism, Online Services, Share Broking, Hospitality, Real Estate, Jewellery & Engineering etc.

Our vision is to offer unique business opportunities delivered by sophisticated systems across the country. Through timeless values like honor, integrity & a pioneering spirit.

Lotteries & Gaming
Information Technology
Wind Energy
Real Estate
Online Services
A reputed and established business house for over four decades.
Widespread presence and thorough understanding of market at grass root level.
Strong Financials with a turnover of over INR 7000 crores (1.43 Billion USD).
Human resource of over 700 personnel developed into a close- knit community.
Management expertise involving a large retail chain of over 30000 terminals.
Working with and assisting various state Govts. Ability to develop strong alliances and partnerships.
Quality conscious: ISO 9001:2000 certified.
Secured CMMI Certification
Philanthropic Outlook.
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