Sugal & Damani

Sugal & Damani have vast experience in operating the lottery business in all its diversified form, widespread geography and under variant regulatory conditions. To supplement the in-house development of application software, Sugal & Damani has developed experience in networking solution and infrastructure rollout.
The techno-creative excellence of Sugal and Damani Group of companies has given birth to PayWorld which is India’s largest E-pin distributor and aggregator. Founded by two visionary entrepreneurs Sri N. Sugalchand Jain and Sri G.N. Damani, the GROUP boasts of a successful and ever-growing track record of more than 4 decades 

Born out of such strong foundation, Sugal & Damani Foundations Private Limited, is the Real Estate (Commercial & Residential) arm of Sugal & Damani Group.

Whatever be the vertical ventured into, Sugal & Damani group has created a niche for itself, through tireless efforts of a Team of dedicated leaders, which has been backed by professional expertise at all levels of Management like technology, operations, logistics, finance & statutory control.

Wind power generation is one of the cleanest sources of power generation. Unlike generation of power from other sources say from coal, generation of power through wind energy is a clean source of power generation without any harmful effects on the environment. Recognising this, the Group has made a small beginning in the year 2007. Wind power generation of a capacity of 2.50 MW was set up in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu.
Skilrock is the technology solution provider for the niche markets with proprietary innovative technologies. SkilRock Technologies has been incubated to develop flexible software solutions for global markets with two major ingredients as Innovation and Quality.
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