Sugal & Damani

Mission critical solution with in built redundancies.
POS access using multiple media: CDMA, Dial up, ISDN, VSAT, WiFi, etc.
Open system architecture using web browser at the front end and Linux/My SQL at the back end.
Network is TCP / IP compliant, uses Internet technologies but runs over private secure tunnels,     created in the public network of telecom companies.
Best of the security products (from Nortel/Cisco) used for IP Security.
Scalable & expandable architecture.
Extensive back up, reporting and analysis.
Multi-layer authorization and authentication.
Designed for a very high number of transactions.
Rugged POS platform for operations under harsh conditions.


SLS provides the state-of-the-art technology through Complott / Rajshree lottery terminals, specifically designed for Indians and international environmental conditions. These terminals are provided to vendors as pre-loaded in-house built COMPLOTT / Rajshree software and best suitable equipped hardware having unique features to suit Indian weather/environmental conditions.

SLS has a single and single-minded vision for the future. It is to reach out to every part of globe and offer a unique business opportunity, delivered by the most sophisticated systems, backed by the finest customer service.

At the heart of this will always be values that distinguish SLS - honour, integrity and the pioneering spirit.

The success of any lottery operation, depends largely on setting up, expanding and managing an efficient sales network. SLS heritage of know-how and experience, offers valuable assistance in designing and implementing, extensive sales networks of efficiency.

Our services in this area include:

Criteria definition for selection of the most appropriate POS.
Assistance in selection, training & motivation of agents.
Design of attractive & functional POS, adapted to local conditions & player habits.
Providing extensive agent training seminars on terminal usage, first level maintenance, lottery   scheme & regulations, lottery accounting and customer service.
Designing local sales network development programs, based on regional requirements.
Developing a sales network monitoring program, and training sales inspectors to systematically   and efficiently review proper network proper operation and commercial development.
Reviewing & selecting merchandising equipment (signs, logos, displays, etc.)

We undertakes training of lottery organization personnel in system operations, technical support & maintenance, in the following areas

Central system hardware, operation software.
Communication equipment, hardware, operation & applications software.
On-line intelligent terminal operations, displayed messages & printed account lists.
Terminal maintenance & repair, including hardware description, problem diagnosis, repair &     testing.
Central System & communication network support, for trouble free system operations.
Security procedures limiting personnel access to protected computer center areas and assigning     double or triple passwords managed and supervised by the Complott / Rajshree software.
SLS service supervisory system handling agent calls, terminal historical records, terminal tracking     & periodic / preventive maintenance schedules.
POS distribution procedures, optimum routes & timetables.
Project financing & accounting procedures.
Human resources management.

SLS technical support and maintenance services cover all systems and equipment installed at level 3 complaint data center.Relying on world-class, well-organized infrastructure, experienced engineers and technicians our Systems Support can solve any problem in the least possible time, guaranteeing normal and secure operations, and ensuring the uninterrupted flow of sales.

Central system technical support includes preventive and corrective maintenance services and upgrades, covering hardware as well as system and application software.

For system hardware components, SLS, in collaboration with the hardware vendor:

  Maintains all systems hardware in good operating order, replacing or repairing components as necessary.
  Responds within contracted or requested time to customer calls for corrective maintenance placed during
  the specified hours of contract coverage.
  Performs scheduled preventive and periodic hardware maintenance, within the contracted coverage period.
  Provides all necessary maintenance tools, diagnostics and relevant documentation.

For system software components, SLS, in collaboration with the hardware vendor:

  Installs system software.
  Provides telephone support (diagnosis & problem-solving).
  Provides on-site support & repair services.

For application software components, SLS provides the following:

  Continuous optimization of customized applications, virus detection and removal, as well as effective handling   of complex and widespread network environment issues.
  Installation of updated application software accompanied by the appropriate documentation and installation   guidelines.
  On-site support.


To maintain and support Complott/Rajshree terminal networks, SLS enters into SLAs with concerned vendors responsible for:

Continuous supervision of lottery terminal operations during POS working hours.
Periodic terminal checks, performed during terminal loading operations.
Frequent preventive maintenance inspections at contracted time intervals & during off-peak hours.
Prompt on-site spare part replacement.
Extensive inventory of spare parts, components & consumables.
Set up of central and peripheral service centers to ensure immediate repairs during peak hours.
Set up of Customer Assistance Centers (CACs),which are able to effectively field and respond to assistance and service requests from both retail agencies and central system operators.

To assure that retailers receive the best possible support,our service network:

Is staffed by highly qualified technical experts.
Maintains sufficient spare part inventories.
Is equipped with the necessary repair & maintenance instruments and tools.
Maintains a sufficient number of fully equipped mobile service units.

Complott/Rajshree is an integrated distributor information system, designed to support lottery operations.It offers rich and expandable marketing of all existing lottery schemes and can also introduce new lottery schemes. The system supports traditional distribution channels such as retail agents' network and equips them with lottery terminals. At the same time it offers players an opportunity to buy the tickets on-line, in a fraction of the time.

Complott/Rajshree Central Processing System:

Ensures high performance, maximum reliability & data processing security.
Automates the draw results immediately on the screen.
Supports on-line operations.
Is flexible, modular, scalable & easy to maintain.

Complott/Rajshree supports on-line batch/store and off-line operations.It is flexible and more modules can be added, which may ultimately provide additional functionality to the lottery operator.


The Help Desk application gives users limited access to system information and supports operations that can solve POS or front-end problems.

The application records and keeps track of retailer requests (from insertion to resolution), for assistance as well as problems concerning terminal or communication functions. Problems that require field service are scheduled for resolution. The Help Desk also schedules and keeps records of retailer equipment preventive maintenance.


The Complott/Rajshree network of terminals is connected between retail POS and the Central system.A dedicated permanent communication is required between the Central System and the retail terminal.

The lottery terminals can operate in either on or off-line mode. A minimum terminal speed of 2.4 kbps is recommended while various communications protocols are supported.

Dial up analog line
Leased line
The web server on the central system is connected to the Internet service provider for a dedicated line. Several details about lottery schemes, results, etc., are also available on Internet.


Only authorized lottery terminals can log-on to or establish communication with the central     system using standard authentication methods.
All transaction between lottery terminals and the central system are encrypted using standard     encryption algorithms.
Only registered users are allowed to participate.


In the Complott / Rajshree Lottery system, the player's number selections are entered into a terminal located in a retail outlet, which continuously communicates with a central computer Data Center, via a communications network.

As soon as the central computer records the details of a player's entry, the terminal prints out a confirmation slip as proof of purchase of lottery ticket promptly. Tickets can be sold till the draw time. Before the draw or result time, the sale of that lottery is automatically stopped.

Once the winning numbers have been drawn, they are entered into the central computer which in turn can be seen on every Complott / Rajshree terminal. The prize can be claimed at any retail outlet by getting the confirmation slip / proof of purchase slip scanned through a scanner, which instantly checks with the central computer to ensure validity of the ticket. When a confirmation is received from the computer, the retailer will pay the prize.

The whole system is designed with customer satisfaction and security foremost in mind. The software has been independently verified to ensure its output is completely fair.

High Volume Business
Easy to operate
Computer literacy not necessary
Low investment & running cost
No stock problems
No pilferage
No wasted space
24-hr accessibility
Daily settlement of payment/ profit
Prompt encashment of prize money
Prize Winnings sold can be claimed from same     retailer only
Supported by highly trained personnel

Using Complott/Rajshree, customers can:

Purchase paper lotteries through the computer
Buy the desired quantity of lotteries
Choose more tickets of desired numbers
Benefit from the fact that approx. 91% (average) of M.R.P. is disbursed as prize money
Access the latest lottery information of lottery on screen
See results on Complott / Rajshree terminals immediately after the draw
Immediate encash prize money at Complott / Rajshree terminals

SLS has built an unrivalled reputation for customer service, by making this area its number one priority and the foundation of the business.

Our customer service promises are the same for all customers, irrespective of the amounts wagered or the frequency. Under these we provide:

Absolute security for your money - 'you play, we pay'
Excellent support in term of equipment and technical backup to retailers.
Expert, trained service personnel to deal with any problems
Fast, efficient payment & account handling, 7 days a week
A level of good relations & honesty

To do the right things right, we practice the most important pro-active factor - the art of listening. At SLS, listening to customers goes hand in hand with everybody. From the CEO to the grass roots.


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