Sugal & Damani

Information Technology is the forte of SND, through our own software company.
We utilize an open standards based design, for simplified operations.
Our multi-layer communication & data transport design, enables a wide range of options.
Our infrastructure is redundant & fault-tolerant, with BCP & DRP considerations.
We have forged alliances with the world's top technology vendors.


Centralized server cluster based design, with high security features like Firewall and SSL.
High Availability Servers with clustering & back-up site.
City-wide network using dual media - wire line & wireless with fall back.
Inter-city network based on VSAT, for remote locations & VPN for major locations.
Rugged POS terminals with high-speed thermal printers and laser scanners for high throughput & unhindered       operations.
Browser based front end, for better flexibility & control.
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