Sugal & Damani

Wind power generation is one of the cleanest sources of power generation. Unlike generation of power from other sources say from coal, generation of power through wind energy is a clean source of power generation without any harmful effects on the environment. Recognising this, the Group has made a small beginning in the year 2007. Wind power generation of a capacity of 2.50 MW was set up in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu. The power generated is supplied to the TNEB grid. Since the power is generated from renewable and pollution free sources, these projects would get entitled for carbon credits through the accreditation and registration process with approved international bodies. The 2.50 MW project has been sent for Registration with UNFCCC. The Group in the subsequent years has been increasing the wind power generation capacity gradually with the installation of more wind mills and the aggregate capacity is presently 9.70 MW.

Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu as well as other State Governments are encouraging generation of power from wind energy through various incentives.


The Group also has plans for entering into solar power generation activities.





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